Animation - Import failed

Hello everyone,

I’m totally new to UA4. I do have programming knowledge, but this problem started to making me crazy! I’m making Parkour & Free Running game (google it if you don’t know what is). I’m making the animations in Endorphin because It’s the one of the best animation programs specially for advanced anims like free running. I’ve done awesome animations, but here’s the thing. I can export anims in 5.0 or 6.0 .fbx format and many more of them and when I wanna import them in UA4, I can use the option: Import as Skeleton (3rd person). If I use it, I get error and It says disable importing as skeleton. When I disable it, I get error: Import failed.

Please, help me and thank you. Sincerely

Have you tried looking as these links for help:

FBX Animation Pipeline

FBX Skeletal Mesh Pipeline

There are some requirements to the version of FBX that the model has to be exported as. I don’t know the software you are using so I can’t help you on that side, but the documentation should be able to help you.

FBX Content Pipeline

HTH. 8-}

Hey, thanks for the fast answer, I appreciate it! I’m using the following software: Endorphin
In the export menu, I can export it in 5.0 or 6.0 .fbx format. Those links you’ve posted are explaining 3ds Max/Maya animation, so …

EDIT: When I’m trying to import animation, I’m getting one of those errors: “Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Users/Benjamin/Desktop/Animation.fbx’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/ThirdPersonBP/Animations/Animation’”. This is when I uncheck “Import as Skeleton” but when I check it, It says try to disabling Import as skeleton. So, I was thinking. Should I try to import those animations in 3ds Max/Maya and from Max/Maya export to UA4?

Sorry for bothering you.

I’ve problems as well. FBX import looks buggy like hell to me.

I’m looking forward to fix this issue. I’ll contact you if I fix it.

@ kljunodesign -I’m not familiar with Endorphin but do know how the animation system works in UE4. In order to import animations, you will need a skeletal mesh (or even just a skeleton) for the animations to be applied to. Again, not being familiar with Endorphin, I do not know if it is possible just to export the skeletal mesh itself in a bind pose, but if so, I’d start there and import the animations separately. When you import your animations you will be prompted to choose a skeletal mesh; choose your custom mesh.

Otherwise, importing into Maya would be my next step to suggest, although I hope this isn’t necessary. Then the same would apply, importing/exporting the skeletal mesh in it’s bind pose first and then subsequent animations.

*Note: You don’t HAVE to import skeletal meshes and animations separately, but if you are having difficulties, it is an effective troubleshooting step.