Animation: How Hard Can it Be?

Hi, my name is Dylan, and I am currently working with a few friends trying to develop an anime-style web series, and I’m trying to look for free or cheap animation software to help create this. My real question is, if all you’re using unreal for is set creation, object creation (including characters), and object motion, how hard is each of those tasks to accomplish.

Note: I have never used an animation software before, and I only have MAYBE 3 people who will be helping me with this project. I also don’t have any specialized equipment; I just have the standard keyboard, mouse, and mediocre computer.

Animation is pretty hard but it isn’t necessarily expensive, for example Blender is free and great for animation. (set it up correctly for UE4 first though)

But set creation, object creation and object motion all sound like they’re more easily/better done in a 3D program like Blender. Then when that’s done just import the level using Import into level, import the characters and you’re basically done. UE4 could be used for rendering/post processing/camera work and so on using Sequencer.

In 4.16 an experimental plugin is coming called Control Rig Sequences, you could maybe use that if you really wanted to animate in UE4 but it’s very experimental. You can animate and export those animations to animation sequences which could then be used in Sequencer.

If you’ve not used 3D software before I think it will be pretty rough in the start.