Animation High poly model

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to animate a character with 200 000 poly without big failling FPS ?

what is the best practice about the number of poly for a character ?

another question:

It is possible to reduce the number of poly in a 3d software (maya) ?

Thanks for your help

Yes, it’s possible ->,topicNumber=d30e164346 :slight_smile:

thank you very much fighter

A 200K player model animated in UE4 sure why not but is rather excessive. Animating 200k in say something like Maya or Max is not recommended and although can do the job they are more generalized tools. MotionBuilder on the other hand can handle 200K no problem.

As for optimization UE4 is what’s called a closed edit environment that supplies features as part of the design towards the final output.

Not sure as to reason to reduce a in production model in the original post but in most cases you would want to increase or decrease the asset resolution inside of UE4 using tessellation and Simplygon LOD’s.

thank you frankie :slight_smile: