Animation help with new Actors

Hello forums!
I was hoping someone may have figured out, (or even a kindly dev with a few spare minutes), what the process is for building an Animation Montage that the engine can use? I have figured out how to import a model for a new dinosaur but I can’t seem to find examples or where in the code that the engine chooses what animations to play. In the character BP, under Animation, I tried using Animation Mode>Use Animation Asset to try and force the imported character into a generic idle animation, but even that has no effect. Where at in the dev kit can I find the code the determines what animation to play and when? Or is it just a matter of have the right naming convention? I’ve attempted multiple way to create a new anim BP, and it even shows the correct skeleton/rig but none of the animations seem to play as my in game model is just T pose and hover around as it moves. It seems like I can modify what’s in the game to my heart’s content, but as soon as I try something that isn’t already defined, (animation-wise), it all breaks down. Any help would be much appreciated!