Animation happening in the wrong direction

Hi everyone, I am new to Unreal and I think this could be an easy fix for someone experienced in UE. Can anybody help, please?
I have a character with skeleton imported from blender to UE. I am trying to animate the character with perception neuron link, which is working fine, the character does the moves and the connection works just fine. The only problem is, when the character is moving on the floor in axis X and Y, it does not do the horizontal movement as it should, but it moves the character in Z axis.
So the character starts floating or dives into the floor.

It should be a matter of switching axis, but I can’t find where t do it.

You can take the Vector wire and use a “break Vector” node, build a “make Vector” node then swap the y and z float wires accordingly. (Every multi-data wire can be broken and built in this way)