Animation gets cancelled when pressing the same or different key?

So I have a character and when I press a key input, they do the animation. But let’s say, while my character is in the middle of their animation and I press another key or even the same key, then the animation itself gets canceled.

How is it possible to make the character complete the animation even if I press another or same key input?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

do you use an animation bp or do you trigger the animations on the keypress inside your event graph?
also, it would help if you can provide a screenshot of the BP

You should use DoOnce node to play animations once. Try to reset your DoOnce node after animation’s end, so you will be able to play it after animation finished. Place the DoOnce node right before the play animation or trigger to play it.

Okay, now you can use a boolean variable. For instance; when animation started to play, set this boolean to true and when it finished set it false. Before the animation’s play, you can check this boolean via “Branch” node. If it is false(not playing) you can play it.

Thank you, it was able to work. Now my character can finish their animation even if I press the same key. Though, when I press another key during the Animation, it get still gets cancelled. What can I do to prevent this?

I call the animations up in my character’s blueprint graph. And I link the key events to the play “animation node”.

Thanks for your reply. So I’ve attached two images. The first one is the BP where the character can finish their animation even if I press the same key. The second one is my attempt. Let me know where I had messed up in the blueprint, so I can rearrange.

I’ve attached an example to usage of branch with animations. In this example, it shows to is playing an animation currently, if it is not playing an animation, then it is ready to go for an animation. If it’s playing an animation so, do nothing.(If it is playing animation = True)

I really admire the fact that you can take time off just to help. Not everyone can do that. Thanks a lot Phyrexian_TR!