Animation from Editor is differs from the Sequencer Render Output

Very confused as to why this is happening. In editor my sequencer animation the robots move from left to right but in my final render, they are severely glitched. Any idea as to why this is happening? Below are both frames 89, 151, and 140 from inside the editor and the final render. The camera was shifted so I could try and identify the problem but that didn’t help too much.

Final Render Output Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Editor Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Edit :


i believe you have to pre-roll animation for the sequencer to avoid glitching.

Does your animation start at FRAME 1?

Try offsetting all the animation to say frame 50 or so. Start the sequencer at frame 1, and output the 50 nothing frames then your animation at 51.

I can’t remember where I heard this, but i tthink this is the problem. THe engines like flipping out and loading stuff funky if you don’t pre-roll.

Can anyone else chime in?


so if your animation was 100 frames

your output is 150 frames

the first 50 frames are just nothing, maybe giving the engine a chance to process/load everything…

lemme know, im about to dive into this myself.

agree. rendering preroll will load particles and animation in system.

is motion blur there?

I figured out the fix for this, you need to right click the animation track in the sequencer, hover properties, copy paste the start frames number into Pre Roll start frames, do the same for end frames, bodda bing, bodda BOOM!