Animation from blender Not Working in UE4

I created a simple conveyor belt with an animation in blender. However, when I export as fbx and import it into UE4, the conveyor belt doesn’t move properly. Can anyone help me with what I’m doing wrong?
Link to blender file: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Can you host your file anywhere without reg (mega for example)?
Have you pressed space and used “bake action” for your tracks?
I can smell an error in your file, because of pivot moving on x axis.
I bet you move your trackobject, to generate the visible animation, but that is no real animation for blender and ue.
The only thing they get is the feed on x axis and that you see there, nothing wrong so far for the system.
Do not move the trackobject and set keys for that.
You can move the track along spline in blender, record that, bake animation.
Do not move your trackobject, because you add at that way some bad rootmotion, if you ask me.

Yup. Looks very much like you need to bake isn’t there a bake on the export? at the moment the only real keys are on the control object - anything that that is driven also needs to be baked.

There should be a functionality in blender to bake any animation type directly to bone transform channels. Thats what you need.

Your exported .fbx should have only animated bones (and maybe polygon meshes if you are importing the thing for the first time too)

No additional connections to third type nodes or control objects from a rig system or ik solvers etc.