Animation from Blender is not visible in Persona

I created a simple idle animation in blender. I exported using the settings discussed in the blender support twitch stream on Unreal’s youtube channel. The mesh and skeleton seem to have imported just fine but the animation seems invisible.

The skeletal mesh shows up

When I click on the mesh from the list or the skeleton it shows up in the editor but when I plug in the animation its invisible. I can’t preview it but the timeline seems to be playing.

Mostly the animation is too small → make sure that you use the same size for the animation and the skeletal mesh + select the skeletal mesh - object - apply - rotation/location/scale :slight_smile:

The sizes should have been the same since I exported from the same blend file. I went back and applied all the transforms anyway just to test and it gave me exactly the same result.

In the export settings I have to set scale to 100 to make sure it exports to the right size in unreal. If animations don’t scale that could be an issue but it seems to have scaled correctly according to approx size in unreal.

I’m getting strange inconsistencies too. Once I modify the anim graph the preview shrinks 1/100th even though my blender and unity units are the same.