Animation framerate (make it jagged)

Hi. Truing to make 3d character 2d-like. How can i do his animations jagged like in old 2d games? Not globaly - i want to have individual framerate per animation/character. Is it even possible in blueprints?

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If I read your question right, you could break the animation up into keyframes. If you have the keyframes last several frames, you’ll get a jerky animation. Is that what you are after?

You probably looking for a way to disable interpolation between frames. This can be done in Animation Asset Editor:

Change interpolation from default “Linear” to “Step”, and you need your animations saved in lower fps, say 12 fps, so the effect is more noticeable.

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Defenatly. But can i do this inside unreal?

Thanks. I willl try it

This is pretty late, but I wanted to ask you how you got your pawns to look pixilated like that?

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