Animation for Kickstarter Video. Animators-VideoEditors-Modelers-etc

This job is UNPAID, however may open up a job opportunity after KickStarter.

We have a goal to launch a KickStarter by the end of April (however possible to get postponed if needed). We are a very small team working on a online board game, hoping to eventually launch through steam.

Right now our main goal is to create a great KickStarter in hopes of getting funding. We have just about completed a couple of the models, and are hoping to get a/a few great people in here to help animate and create a video for the KickStarter Video. The Video will most likely be simple since we are trying to get this out as quick as possible, and our current plan is having the characters talking to the camera about the game and such. We are open to endless possibilities and looking for some eager and talented people to help out.

About the Job:

We are a hard working team, and not looking for people who are going to slow down development. We ask that if you apply for this position you are willing to put in the hard work and effort needed. You must also be a great team player and willing to except constructive criticism.

The job is sadly not paid, however . . . we will be looking for people to hire throughout game development to join our team, and hopefully our future studio. If you prove to display a great deal of talent and dedication, we may find room for you on our future team (hopefully funded after this KickStarter). Besides that, we like to think that this could be a great chance for you to work in a hard working dedicated team environment, and also something to add to your portfolio.

Things we are looking for:
[The more things on the list the better, We would rather not accept someone with only one of the traits from below. The fewer people needed the better.]

-Video Editor
-Voice Actors. . . Maybe?

Although we know we are asking a lot for an unpaid job, we hope that this will be an oppurtunity that will benifit the both of us. If you are interested we would love to hear from you. Check us out and shoot us an email if you are still interested!

Website: (BETA)
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I’m no copyright expert but I do know more than a bit about it from book publication, aren’t you a little concerned about the character likeness to those in the movie Avatar?

Hmm, I mean I haven’t really thought of it before, but maybe they are a bit similar looking to Avatar characters. They are intended to be elves, and we were trying to make them unique and different from typical ‘elves’, but you are right, maybe in our effort to be original and unique we have came to close to the avatar movie, which is not unique at all obviously. Thanks for the input, although I am sure we are probably far from copyright problems, it might be a good idea to seek a slightly different look in order to avoid being to similar. Maybe simply changing the skin color will be enough, as the look of the elf himself isn’t very much a problem in my opinion.

Thanks though for the thought :slight_smile: