Animation for Grass

Good morning,

I do apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this question I am new to Unreal Engine and the forums.

I am interested in creating an effect for interactive grass. So if the player or object collides with it the effect is complete i.e pressed down. In relation to the grass / foliage would I need to create a skeleton for this and then import it into unreal engine and then add it to the foliage section. Or is there a better way of doing this ?

Thank you.

Dynamic Grass System Lite is free on perma-content. Good examples.

Physics-based movement/collision w/bones: Physics interactable foliage - Part 1 Initial basic setup - YouTube

Also a material based approach:…nreal-engine-4

Another 2 possible solutions:

An alembic export- since vertex grass works best performance wise.

And pivot painter.

I second pivot painter, the export tool is finicky to get working in the latest 3ds max version when you have multiple sub-objects, but the result looks amazing.