Animation for Games - Soldier, Human and Animal


About tree years I’ve been training animations in 3ds max and I’m posting some on youtube. I am not professional and I do not work as an animator yet.

Some of my animations I make available on my channel in *.bip and FBX format for free use.

My animation include, Soldier, Human, Animal Locomotion and Because it is not professional animation I do not give support.

*My soldier has a straight spine in the animations because he wears a bulletproof vest

Pretty good start :slight_smile:

Certainly better then anything of mine.

Some general input about firearm handling and movement in gear:

  • Modern body armour is not that restrictive, even with plates.
    No need to be so stiff.
  • The cup’n’saucer grip on a handgun is a movie/TV thing.
    No one that knows anything actually does that.

Here is a video I’ve used in the past that shows various ready positions.
You may find it informative:

hello, your production is very nice. we are looking for solider animation in our project. please reply to if interested. thx!