Animation for character moves too fast.. noticeable loop when running?

My character animations are all rigged up… And these animations have worked before.,. but i set up a new blueprint and now my animation seems to be running faster than she should…

Like… as i walk… she starts walking away from me faster than the camera… then her animation loops back and she is close to me again and is walking away faster still… it kinda reminds me of what you might see when you lag in a game but this isnt lag.

Also my camera angles when i look around are kinda wonky… not sure if its just an optical illusion due to the character walking away from me…

how can i fix the animation speed to not loop over itself like this?

I’ve not seen this before, but sounds like an issue with root motion perhaps - is the character getting ahead of its capsule? Are you using root motion for your project?

yes… the character is moving ahead of the capsule… i fixed it… i went into the bones and set the “Hips” as skeleton instead of animation and it fixed it.
Not sure why i had to do that … i havent before.