Animation for a casual game

Project Title:

3rd person game in which the player character navigates a tile-based map filled with traps in the style of minesweeper. Launch platform will be PC/Win10, if this works Android/iOS may follow.

Team Name:
Jubeco GmbH based in Germany

Our day job is IT security consulting. At night we develop games.

Talent Required:
Animation Artist

  • We need a set of Animations that work for the standard Epic skeleton.

  • These Animation shall depict a ‘death sequence’ where the main character falls into a trap door in the ground.

  • There should be several variants, all of them designed to match the humorous theme of our game. Examples could be:

  • The character stays still for a second flapping his arms in a bird like way to avoid falling, then shrugs and falls down.

  • The character falls down looking at the character while making a ‘thumb down’ sign.

  • The character jumps up and dives head first into the trap.

  • The character shakes his head before stepping on the trapdoor, sighs, steps on the trap door and falls down.

  • The character tries to step back from the trap door, slips and falls down.

  • The character falls down, grabs the corner of the trapdoor and says ‘Run you fools’ and let go.


To be negotiated.

Your next step**:**

Please send us some work you have done and some ideas or sketches as a proposal for our game.
If you have any questions regarding requirements or details of the game, please feel free to contact us.

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