Animation firing weapon before fully aimed

I was wondering if anyone can help me, I have an issue with an animation firing the weapon when it is aimed at the floor before it is fully aimed (straight) at the AI.
Im very new to animations and have looked at the anim notifies etc and moved them to see if I can fix the issue but that either stops the animation from working completely or doing no damage.

Ive attached some files showing a rifle animation that works (only shoots when fully aimed (straight) at AI.
My new pistol animation which works but fires at the floor the first time the animation is called .
image showing the weapon firing before aimed (straight) at the AI

Any asistance would be greatly appreciated.



In place animations is reactive so is usually triggered after the event has occurred. What happens is when you press attack the weapon fires followed by the animation.

To sync the animation you need to change when the attach event occurs by assigning your attack animation event to trigger the attack event and in the animation add a notify that triggers the firing mechanics.

Press attack triggers the animation and the notify triggers the weapon firing at the proper place.

Thanks I will check