Animation film in unreal engine

Hi I am new to animation world. Currently I have been learning blender. Recently I learned that unreal engine also supports animations.
Should I switch to unreal and stop learning blender ?? I intend to short make animation films.

Please point me to right direction.

They are totally different tools … Blender is used to make the models and animations and export them in to a format that you can use in Unreal Engine to make your sequences and matinees.

So you would need both skills.

We are seeing more and more short films being made in Unreal, like Le Melange. A normal pipeline for creating this would be to create the character, rig and animations in a piece of software like Blender or Maya, then import those animations into Unreal Engine, where you would set-up your lighting, cameras, shader, effects, etc.

Following on from qdelpeche, you would need to learn both. overviews how you can export you animations from Blender, while explains how to bring rigs and skeletons in to the engine, and how to use the animation tools inside of Unreal.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: