Animation Field Guide Not Available


There seems to be an issue with the online form available here: Animation Field Guide - Unreal Engine.

I never received the guide on my end.
I tried with 2 different email addresses, looked into my Spam folder the email with the link inside is nowhere to be seen.

Could you please help me look into this or post a link to the PDF guide as an answer to this question?

Thanks for your support,


The link above is still not working properly as of today. Can anyone from the Unreal Engine team fix it?

Hey @BeJiTo1984 and @Q_Ape!

Thank you for reporting this! :slight_smile: We’ve fixed it up, and it’s ready to go!

Hi @SkyeEden

Apologies for the late reply, just saw your answer now.

Unfortunately, it looks like the issue is still there.
I submitted a new request on the same page / form, and haven’t received anything as of now (been about 30 minutes or so).

Happy to provide more info if needed.
Otherwise, would it be possible to get a direct link to the PDF at this point?

Thanks a mil for your support!


I didn’t realize the problem was the form itself, and I assumed it was the page, as it wasn’t loading when we tried it.

Have you managed to receive this yet? I am aware that we had some email delays over the last week.


I tried it yesterday and there’s still no email yet.

Hi ! It finally worked.
I finally received the Animation Field Guide last week.
Looks like it was due to email delays indeed.
I was not spammed though (meaning I only received 1 email out of the several forms I completed :)).
Thanks for the support in any case.