Animation export issue: blender -> UE4


I am trying to export an animation from blender to Unreal Engine. Everything works fine as long, as I’m importing mesh and skeleton with the animation. But problem begins when I want to assign the animation to a skeleton that’s already in the project. Pictures below:

Animation is simple. Only hand bones are used.


I’ve read about the issue and changed the unit scale to 0.01 as recommended.

Here are my FBX export settings

Here I import the animation to UE choosing the skeleton I want to use. No errors/warnings appear.

And this is the result. The final mesh is broken to a weird position. Animation works on the hand but it’s very distorted. As long as I use skeleton from the blender model everything works fine.

I would be glad if somebody could help me!

Blender v2.79
UE4 v.4.16.3

Try changing axis options to Z UP and X FORWARD