Animation export/import trouble

Hello Forum!

I have been encountering a few obstacles regarding animations in UE4. The main problem is that the animations don’t translate correctly when importing from Maya. I don’t really know what causes this but I figured that it had to do with the settings in Unreal since it works perfectly fine when importing the animations to engines such as Unity.

A descriptive video of the issue can be found in this link:

Workflow (it is written chronologically):

The animations are baked in Maya before importing to UE4.

Everything is deleted except for mesh and joints after baking in Maya.

The Z axis is set to the direction “Up” When exporting (the character is originally set/rigged with the Y axis as up.

Thanks in advance : )

Thats a lil strange, Did you add any extra stuff over the Epics Rig? Like Outside of using ART? It seems like parts of the animations arent getting baked or a few bone animations are missing from the fbx