Animation evaluating incorrectly in UE4

As in the video


The joint chain unfurls/unrolls around the chains axis…

  • setup: joint axis is Z down the bone chain and -X up orientation. Spine IK. Maya 2015
  • export: via FBX with Z up. Animation is baked to joints.
  • import: without FBX world up fix

any tips greatly appreciated

Solved my own problem… but created another one… but for reference… the original problem is caused by the deterioration of the animation data over a bone chain… basically the accuracy of the animation degrades over a lengthy bone chain due to compression…

so my current solution is a single parent (root) with every bone a child of that… problem solved

However now this means that as a physics object this treats each joint as a separate entity and not of a single bone chain… yay!

will investigate further solutions