Animation embedded in FBX file

Hey there,

I’m completely new to unreal but i intend to make my graduation project in it, so there will probably be a lot of questions from me over the time about different subjects.

I was testing the animation properties of an FBX file, because you can export it with the animation embedded into the file, and you can also import animated fbx files, but when i drag an animated fbx file into my scene nothing happens when i click play.

What to do? Also, do i have set a parameter somewhere to let the animation loop?

gr. Yori

Your best bet would be to take a look at the documentation if you want to start messing with animations.
Its not as simple as “drag&drop” an animation into the scene, but you could see the animation running if you simply double click the animation FBX you just imported.

If you want to have your animation playing into the scene you need to setup a blueprint which execute that animation…start with the YouTube Epic channel to better understand whats going on and how to use Blueprints, othewise you won’t understand what you’re doing, and if this is for your graduation you really need to understand what’s happening.

I would suggest looking at the tutorial series for a third person shooter.

look at the section for the anim blueprints/state machines etc. BUT I RECCOMEND to watch the whole tutorial series. its amazing and has showed me alot

Thanks, i will!

Its a good thing then that its due Q2 2016 :slight_smile: