Animation editing in Persona

Hello the UE4 Devs and the Community,

I have a small suggestion. If you edit a Blend Space and then you want to go to any animation to edit, you cannot come back to the Blend Space easily. You must search for it. Why don’t you implement a possibility to navigate from one anim asset to the other with a button to come back to a previous anim asset.

Blend Space → Walk Animation
<----------------------------------------- Button pressed

And I think AllRight Rig should be a part of UE4. I know good animations should be made in any 3D software, but it would be good to have a possibility to do some animation stuff in UE4. AllRight Right is perfect for making or editing animations in UE4 without a leaving it. If I’m not wrong, please buy the plugin and make it as the core of UE4.

Thank you.