Animation Desync Issues - Modular Armor, Same Skeleton but Additional Bones

So I have a character that’s modular to swap different head gear, torso and legs. The issue is that the head gear, and other armor, has the same skeleton but with additional bones for physics like hair, jiggling plates of armor physics, skirts, etc.

How do I, in a sense, tell the engine “make all these parts render/share the same animBP” instead of making it render the animBP separately for each piece causing the desync issue. I tried master pose, but it makes the modular pieces with additional bones break to the root below the player. I need something that works kinda like the master pose thing that supports additional joints.

Please, any help would be nice :slight_smile:

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So as you described you can add different components that contains additional “child” bones and UE4 will record the joint as being available if animation takes are imported containing the proper naming convention.


It seems that UE4 has improved since the time of the writing of the documentation in that only the FK hierarchy needs to be in place to ensure correct positioning so if you add say a hair component to the mix that all of the additional bones as part of the asset is not required as part of the bind pose.

As to this example the path would be something like “root,hips,spine,spine1,spine2,spine3,neck,head > Hair, children bones”

Guys, please read the OP properly. He knows about the master pose component and it doesnt help for his purpose.
If you have a costume mesh with additional joints that arent represented in the anim sequence then the master pose component will null their transforms thus moving them all to origin.

What you want to do is following:

create a new animBlueprint for your clothing/costume items. I.e. costume_animBP or so.
Setup like pic 1

In your characterBP add an additional skeletal mesh and do as pic2

Here you have the option to either do that in beginPlay or in the animBP too. Im not entirely sure what the best way is and it probably depends on the case.

What the copyPose from mesh does is similar to set master pose component but with the difference that it doesnt do anything to the bones that arent in both meshes. So they remain in their original position and you can add additional modifications in that dedicated animBP.

Hmm ok nevermind, the desync problem sseems to still occur if you use copyPose instead of masterPose, sadly using both will still break any bones that arent in the anim track.
Im out of soultions at this point sorry.

This fixed it for me! But I’m not using extra bones on the clothes, I have the exact same skeleton in all.