Animation Delay Need help

I’m working on a Arcade Game and im using anim montage in most of the small animations, but when I call the anim event from the code the anim is delayed ?

    if (BotGameState != EBotGameState::Play) return;
    if (GetActorRotation().Roll < negRotCap) return;
    if (CurrentBotManeuver != EBotManeuverState::none) return;

    animInstance->PlayAnimMontage(animInstance->CurrentMontage, AnimPlayRate, "Bot_RightFlip");

    FVector Force;
    Force = VertDirection*FlipUPForce + HorizDirection* FlipRightForce;
    BotPrimitiveComp->SetPhysicsLinearVelocity(BotPrimitiveComp->GetPhysicsLinearVelocity() + Force);