Animation Curves disappear when packaged

My animation sequence curves seem to disappear when packaged. They exist and return values when in editor but they vanish when packaged. Any idea why? Other devs who faced this problem solved it using GetCurveData() and shipping build but I’m already doing that and it makes no difference. The first part of the function is given below, any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

float UDistanceSort::FindCurveTimeFromValue(UAnimSequence* InAnimSequence, const FName CurveName, const float Value)
if (InAnimSequence)

		for (const FFloatCurve& Curve : InAnimSequence->GetCurveData().FloatCurves)
		if (Curve.Name.DisplayName == CurveName)

I think i have the same issue, did you figured whats wrong? What version of engine you using?
For me it happened after moving to 5.2 from 5.1. It is working in the editor, but when packaged its just not working.

Same issue for me, the issue appeared after updating to 5.2. In Editor everything works properly and is shown in the debug:

ShowDebugToggleSubCategory CURVES

But in packaged game it’s not working and the curve doesn’t show up in the debug display either :confused:
EDIT: the issue appears in standalone as well

Same issue here, in 5.1 there is no problemo, but in 5.2 on the other hand… it’s only working in the Editor (Standalone Game and Packaged Builds are fully bugged)