Animation crash [Demo project included]

When next animation has different length than the first one, editor will crash with THIS ERROR.

I’ve reproduced the bug in a NEW, SIMPLE PROJECT.

How to reproduce: Just press Play and wait a while - it will crash.

Deleting AnimNotifies from animations = no more crashes.

Replacing animation2 (30 frames) with animation3 (20 frames, same as animation1) = also no more crashes.

More instructions inside the project.

Hi Slavq,

This has been reported as JIRA [UE-13800]. Thanks for your sample project and detailed repro steps. When this issue has been addressed, an update will be added to this post.

Hi Slavq, this was reported fixed for UE4.9 but another staff member verified the fix and I was not notified of the updated status. If you are experiencing this issue in UE 4.9 or later, please let me know and I will re-open this ticket. Thanks.