Animation Correction Speed


I am making a fight game. Player is allways in Idle Anim and when i do another animation, the location of the player at the end of animation is not the same as the location of the player at the idle animation. and he is moving too fast to this location and this is very bad!

Is there anyway to control the speed of player while “changing the location between 2 animations”?


Hey there, if the player moves while playing an animation then it means you are using root motion, correct?

they are just animations, which i play when i press a button.and i bought these animations from marketplace, and no idiea what root motion is, sry.

You can find out more about Root Motion here. But the overall idea is that your character capsule will be driven by the animation.

aha., its enabled but he is still at the same place. and this doesnt matter. bec loc. of end 1st anim and loc begin 2nd anim is not the same. he have to move this loc.
but my problem is the speed of the changing location. between end of the 1 st anim and 2nd anim. he just lighinting to the other loc.

it doenst look realistic.

Can you show a video to get a better idea of what is happening?