Animation change from weapon anim bp to sword anim bp

I want my character in a way that if he equips a sword from an inventory he would use the combat anim bp and when he equips an weapon he would use the shooting anim bp. If you know what I am trying to say. Please help. I really want this mechanic, I know how to make the anim bps but I don’t know how to implement this mechanic at all. Please help me guys, it would be a lot of help:)

I’m no expert on animation or the animation system, but off the top of my head I would imagine that you would want these to be different states within a single anim bp. If you have multiple blueprints set up, it sounds like you have all the animations and everything needed to create the multiple states necessary. I would have a variable to tell my anim bp which state I am supposed to currently be in (Unarmed, sword, shooting) and use that variable to swap between the different states. There may be a better way from someone who knows better, but this is how I’d probably do it.