Animation - Cannot Rename Curve

You can create curve with same name in the animation editing but you cannot change curve name to an existing curve name. It’s just discarding new name.

Actually you can create multiple curve with same name on diffrent animations. No problem here.

= Steps =

  1. Create “Test” variable curve on a “A AnimSequence”
  2. Try to create “Test” variable curve on a “B AnimSequence”. Editor will not allow to create curve with named “Test”

But it is allows you to create same curve name withing “Add Variable Curve → Available Names”

I don’t know it is feature or not. When I need to rename my curves to existing name, it is require me to delete all curves and re-add within “Add Variable Curve → Available Names”


I may be misunderstanding the issue but I have not been able to reproduce the problem you are describing. To test I created 3 Curves:

  1. Curve1
  2. Curve2
  3. Curve3

Then followed the following steps:

  1. Tried to create a new “Curve1.” -Fails because there is already a Curve1
  2. Deleted Curve1
  3. Created new “Curve1” Success.
  4. Deleted “Curve2”
  5. Renamed existing “Curve3” to “Curve2” -Success
  6. Created new “Curve3” Success.

Expected behaviour: Each individual curve must have it’s own unique name.

If this does not describe your issue, please list the steps to reproduce the issue as I have done here.


Just updated my question.

I do not understand "When I need to rename my curves to [an] existing name, it require[s] me to delete all curves and re-add with “Add Variable Curve → Available Names…”

You can type in new names right here as long as you are not repeating the same name of a track already there (For example, you could change this “5” to a “4” but not to a “1” because track “1” already exists):

But you are trying to rename curve on same AnimSequence :slight_smile: There is no problem here.

Open diffrent AnimSequence and add and rename curve to “1” you will see :slight_smile:

I see now… following your repro steps I was able to replicate the issue and have entered it as JIRA [UE-20005] for tracking purposes. When this bug has been fixed we will update this post to let you know.

Thanks for your patience and clarification!

As a temporary workaround, comment out the line:


in SCurveEdTrack::NewCurveNameEntered() - found about 300 lines into SAnimCurvePanel.cpp

I presume with this change that you will also be able to create two or more curves in one animation with the same name, which could be very bad, so be sure to be careful.

This bug, reported as UE-20005, has been verified fixed and expected to be integrated into UE 4.14.