Animation by key press

m trying to make an animation work with just on push of a button but the problem is somehow it didnt work i tried everyhting such as adding branch and etc but still doesnt work take a look on the event graph

there are 3 states in the anim graph first is idle,walking and running for running is simple is using aboolean is running and not for walking the speed variable has to be more than 10 so whats wrong with my blueprint?am i doing something wrong?

Have you set your transition inside your locomotion? Also have you set your boolean variable inside your character blueprint?

I Have Seen it and it looks fine heres the locomotion and the transition rules

Idle To Run Transition:

Walking To Run Transition

I made a fast setup for this animation, take a look on my screenshots, check if you forgot something, there are some things that need to be there otherwise if you forget one of them it wont work properly.

Take a look mainly if you did not forget to set your animation, inside running state, also if you made a similar setup inside your character like the last screenshot.


i double checked it and its all the same the only diffrence is that there are 2 states that are connected to is running it walking and idle and also i did checked the anim setup inside the state and i did set it correctly

inside the character sprinting function


hmmm… have you tested if your character is running the anim blueprint you have created? for walking for example, also have you tried to delete the transitions to running from one of those states to check if the other condition is running properly? for example let only the idle-running or the walk-running to debug if it works.

I have test it and it works just fine this anim blueprint is for my 2nd player the one that other player sees and render it i already test the running function and it works perfectly also i did delete one of the transition and the player still speed up but the animation still not working