Animation BP problem animations wont work?

Trying to get the animation blueprint working but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? the animation is using a basic climb system and trying to make it multiplayer. The character when on the wall is using a event to move left and a event to move right with tracer that track the ledge to climb left or right. The ‘‘can move left’’ and ‘‘can move right’’ are supposed to connect to the Interface and then connect to the animation blueprint. Testing the game comes back as True when the event is connected to the Boolean’s ‘‘Move Left’’ or ‘‘Move Right’’. When testing the animation wont play and the ‘‘Move Left’’ or the ‘‘Move Right’’ Booleans still comeback true. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong? Is there any way to fix it? When testing with play anim montage it will still run after the tracer turns Red but that also go’s for any other montage you put with it. If you know how to fix this problem please help.