Animation Blueprint's BeginPlay and InitializeAnimation events don't get called!

UE is becoming unusable day by day. One day, delegates face problems and you have to compile everything for 4-5 times for them to work. Now, events don’t get called and they sometimes decide to get called.
What is going on here? Does the engine randomly work? Should we switch to other engines? My project’s time has been 90% dedicated to reporting bugs in the engine that make the engine unusable… What should I do?

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What exactly is your question here? You just put many problems you have all into one question which it makes it hard to know what you want us to answer. Maybe you could show us some of your code which might be causing the problem for you then we could help?

Hey there. The problem is that “Animation Blueprint”'s events don’t get called. That’s it! BeginPlay does sometimes get broadcasted and InitializeAnimation doesn’t even get broadcasted. Apart from that, UpdateAnimation does get called before BeginPlay so that leads to so many problems. My other problem is that I need to compile codes for 4-5 times for the engine to not crash on its own delegates. Multicast delegates and normal delegates face some problems if any re-compilation doesn’t happen. I posted my problem here: