Animation Blueprints and Blueprint Interfaces

Hey guys. I’m playing around with the Shooter Game’s Third Person Hero character and I’m trying to hook up the arm rotation. After migrating it some of the rotational stuff broke in the Animation Blueprint and I’m trying to find my own solution for it (their solution seemed to be custom built). I’m trying to use a Blueprint Interface to send the rotational data of the player to the animation blueprint, but the values come back as 0.00. I tried adding a variable to my character BP to target the animation blueprint but that doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve never touched the animation blueprints before so all this is new. For I all know they do not interface like normal blueprints.

They are different, but you can do what your talking about.

Add the variables you need on the AnimBlueprint.
Call the interface function on the AnimBlueprint.
In the function on the AnimBlueprint assign the input parameters to the AnimBlueprint variables and they will be available in the eventGraph or AnimGraph.

Hi, I am trying a similar thing, I want to send values from animation BP to another BP with interface,… can you explain in more detail how to do it?