Animation Blueprint Workflow

Already posted the question on the answerhub, but I’m posting it again here for discussions

Say that we’re working on many animation state machine on the player character, and the work is distributed between different person (imagine 2-3 person working on a different combat animation depending on the weapon the character currently equip).
Basically different state machines.

What we have right now is people constantly replacing other works because of the nature of the anime blueprint uasset.

Is there any way we could separate the smaller state machine into another blueprint file and include that on the main animation blueprint? (Think of sub levels and main level setup)

Any suggestions for a better workflow?

As a suggestion.

We are still in the process of building up our player control and have rebuild the layering a few times but through discovery depending on state machines is not going to work in the long run as far as future proofing goes.

Whats starting to work is to do all matched movements using blend spaces , add them as part of a blend progression, and then drive the animations using data sets and switches in the event graph.

Used this bit of info as our starting point.
There is a state machine but but much lower down in the layer stack.

The benefit is the animator only needs to make matching blend spaces, reposing based on weapon choice, or make a montage and the added to the layer progression as an additive to the logic block…