Animation Blueprint tutorial

so i really need this tutorial and i dont seem to find a decent one of course i already check the unreal youtube section but when i follow it it doesnt work on me so i want to restart again with another do any of you guys know a decent video tutorial?

P.S idk why mine didnt work but if you know and know how to solved it please feel free to head to this thread

Neo, there’s no need to start a need thread pointing to your own question, the same day that you ask it. Give people time to get home, and look at the problem. If you don’t hear back in 4 days, than feel free to bump the original question again.

Are you using Wes Bunn’s new 4.8+ series, or Zak’s pre-4.8?

You haven’t yet Cast to CharacterBP (using Wes’ example), for example (see BP 3rd Person Game: Animation BP Punching Setup | 18 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube @5.30). This means you haven’t finished the animation commands. There is a lot of set-up in these videos, and nothing will happen until the set-up is finished, and you then connect the animations/controls/etc to the skeleton/mesh/etc. You may just be in the middle of this process, and so not in a position to see your man move around.

Good luck!

i apologize for it but im eager to solved it but in the episode 15 when he play the character already had walking animation and etc without casting and such heres the episode

no im still at 4.7.6 by the way cause here at my country fast speed internet is scarce