Animation Blueprint Tutorial/Documentation...

From here:

Step 15 has you create:

In 4.9.1, when I do all this, and exit out of PIE, I get the following errors:

Just figuring this is due to some change from when the guide was written to 4.9.1. Anyone?

I’m not sure why it even allows you to connect the ‘Get Player Character’ to the ‘Character Movement’ variable, there should need to be a cast that inputs the player character as the object, and then you can connect that variable to the ‘as MyPlayerBP’ to the cast.

Not sure that makes sense.

UE4 team? bump…

I couldnt make heads or tales out of that either, but this video series helped me null - YouTube around video 10 is close to your problem I think.

Eventually they showed something similar. It appears that you do not get from the Player Character, there are more steps involved, but this get’s rid of the error.