Animation Blueprint state machine Transition is blocking when i spam input

Hello, my Animation Blueprint state machine Transition is blocking when i spam input:
the character freeze at the beginning of the slash animation.

I want to be able to spam the “SwordSlash” animation without setting a delay. My transition is very basic.

Help Please.

Please help , i’m sure there is a simple way to solve it.

Here’s an idea… use a montage instead.

Ok , but is an anim montage gonna break my state machine execution? should i do all my animations with montages?

Its unrelated to the statemachine and plays Over it (replacing whatever) based on a slot you assing.

Thanks to its specific montage notifies however it actually allows you to create quick and dirty combo sets and other stuff that a statemachine would drive you crazy for.

You should only use montages when called for​. A single shot action that may or may not need to be tied to code.

Common usage includes attacks, aiming, firing, hit reaction, picking up objects, etc.

How you setup the montage itself also matters, since you can make a montage loop indefinitely.
(Used for aiming a bow. Draw up to a point while holding. Release when let go).

What you probably shouldn’t use montages for is locomotion. But you could if you wanted to. Dashes, rolls, and stuff that generally needs to have some code driven input can work a lot nicer from a montage.

Thank you , now i better understand the usage of montages, it works perfectly.