Animation Blueprint sharing/reuse


I am wondering whether it is possible share/reuse animation blueprints between different characters and if so, what the common methods of doing so are.

For example if I have two different characters who

  • have the same skeletal hierarchy
  • require the exact same animation blueprint logic
  • but who each have their own versions of the required animations

am I able to somehow reuse or share the animation blueprint for both characters?

I understand that I could just copy it or retarget it this will make a separate, independant copy which would then have to be manually kept in synch with the original.

I have also tried deriving a child anim blueprint but so far have not been able to find a way to replace/override the animations in the parents AnimGraph (eg anims played in statemachines)

Another (slightly horrible) option might be to hardcode all characters into the one animation blueprint and choose anims based on a character type variable.

Is there a good way to handle this kind of scenario?



one way to do this is to set up your primary AB so that all animations are played via variables.

You can then override the values of the variables in a derived AB so that different animations are played.

Thanks to this post for pointing this out :

This is the way, open the override windows, you can see all AnimGraph animations ready for change.

Main tool bar-> windows -> override

That’s great, thanks!