Animation Blueprint: Sequence Finished Notify?

In my Animation Blueprint I am using a kind of override animation for attacking etc. that gets blended on top of the locomotion animation (upper body only).

This override animation is a reference to any animation sequence and gets set dynamically. The problem is I don’t know how to tell when the override animation has finished playing, so I can switch back to “locomotion only”.

The blueprint node (play sequence) I am using doesn’t seem to give out any information/event about this and adding a notification “manually” to every single sequence that can potentially get played as an action-override seems like an extremely bad solution. Any help?

Basically, all I need is to have one bool-variable set to false when the override animation has finished playing.

The only solution I can think of is to get the sequence’s length on starting to play and use that length to count down a timer and then set the value to false. But somehow that seems like a dirty workaround.


It seems that you need a Slot inside your Animation Blue Print.

Check this tutorial and see if it helps you: Skeleton Assets: Using Anim Notifies, Curves & Slots | 05 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Good luck!

Thanks! I’m gonna have a look at this.

I haven’t actually used a montage before and I’m not sure I need all this at the moment.

Actually, I would be fine if I could simply make the AnimGraph’s PlaySequence node re-play from frame zero, when I set a new animation there. The time just keeps running and all I can seem to do about it is to check “loop animation”. While this looks ok at first, I am sure there will be small, accumulating “offsets”, because (as I understand it) the animation doesn’t go back to zero after finished, but to zero plus the amount of time that the last update’s DeltaTime exceeded the sequence’s end.

So, all I need would be a way to play a sequence from the beginning every time it gets involved in blending :confused:

I’ve made a bit of progress by using a state machine now, but it’s still not completely satisfying…

This is the only way I can see to reset animation sequences to frame zero. There are only 2 states. The first just serves as the entry point and immediately makes a transition to the “PlayActionAnim”-state. When that sequence has finished, it transitions back to the first state. From what I observed, once the transition has reached 100% first state and 0% second state, the sequence of the second state will get reset the next time it is entered. If the transition hasn’t completed, it won’t.

The problem is, my anim-graph’s blending logic will cause the state-machine to stop running when the action-animation has finished. That means the transition has to be finished then… I set the transition-duration to zero inside the state machine, but now it looks kind of chunky at the end.

… but I guess one or two more workarounds and I’ll be fine.