Animation blueprint not working in game

Hi everyone, I am setting up a simple tank but cannot get the wheels to spin, the animation bones will not spin in-game, but inside of the animation blueprint itself, in the preview window my wheels are spinning as intended.
I have made sure that the animation is linked to the pawn inside of the blueprint, and have a debug showing the values working which should mean the animation blueprint is being used, but when it comes to moving, it’s just idle.

I have also uploaded a video to steamable that says it has a 1 day expiration date, so this link might not work soon

Any help would be really appreciated, thank you!

Hello, i’m guessing because i’m not seeing the complete animation blueprint, but you can use a Print node in your animation blueprint to check if your “speed” variable is getting a value.

Thank you for the reply, appreciate it a lot!
So I just added a print string to my animation blueprint, and it’s coming up with the value as well as a 0, could that be an issue?

yes, that is the problem, at some point it is losing the value, can you show the animation blueprint, the part where you set the speed variable ?

I am so happy I posted on this forum now! I have been bagging my head on the desk for 2 days trying everything! thanks again for this!
Here is the code in the anim blueprint and the code inside of my pawn blueprint

sorry for the late response, don’t know how do you are passing/setting the speed variable values, but you need something like this to make it working

you need to pass all variables from your pawn to variables in your animation blueprint

What I have found out is the extra 0 digit was actually having the animation blueprint open, it was listing the preview value, and when I close the window it disappears

I was setting the speed inside of the pawn blueprint, but I have now changed it to the way you listed it with the same results, the value changes in the debug but the wheels stay static!

Question about setting up bones though, should a bone have an end or can I just rotate the main bone? like wheel_R_01 > wheel_R_01_end ?

I’m thinking about going back and checking if that was a mess up?

thank you for the responses!

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for all the responses you made, after recreating the bones and importing the model with different parenting ideas and so on, the solution was to create a new pawn blueprint and it works, I am guessing I have ticked a box I should not have somewhere inside of the pawn blueprint, and have no idea which box was ticked, I can actually get this working now! thanks again for the help!

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