Animation Blueprint not working after migrating to new project

So I migrated my Character blueprint from one project to another and now, in the new project, I get no errors of any kind but the animation doesn’t work.

I’ve checked to see if the Mesh inside the Character BP referenced the correct skeleton and AnimBP and it does. And when I open the AnimBP I can preview the animation and transition perfectly. But I press play and the model just stands in TPose.

Did anyone experience this? Does anyone know how I can even start debugging this and even fix it?
I am very inexperienced with Unreal for sure but I feel I’ve looked everywhere.
I am using Unreal 4.27 in case this is useful info.
Thank you

Is there any chance that you placed the skeletal mesh in the level and not the character Blueprint? If not, then we’d probably need screenshots to help out further. The details panel of the character BP would be a good start to see the exact settings for the skeletal mesh component. Any other setup code you’re performing when gameplay starts?

There is no chance of that because I migrated a lot of stuff including the scene and I opened the scene. And also I’ve double checked and I do have the BP in the scene.
I managed to get the animations to work by setting “Disable Post Process Blueprint” to true in the Mesh component of my BP. Which I find strange because I’ve made no changes to the assets before or after migration and as far as I can see I have no Post Process BP stuff.

Thank you for your reply.