Animation Blueprint Not starting from Start Position

Hi, Help !!.. I am making a blueprint that will create “instances” of a Base Animated SkeletalMesh, so from the blueprint using the constructor I can select the Starting offset for all the copies that will appear at runtime, In the constructor the Offset is sent to the Anim Blueprint and I can change the start time of the animation visually.

My problem is that when I run the project, the Animation starts from Start, from 0. If i put a harcoded value it starts from that position, but when I use a variable it doesn´t respect the value.

I am including two screenshots:

Anim Graph where I put the Animation Sequence, the Play Rate and the Start Time of the animation… Everything works fine, until I run the animation , that Unreal starts the animation from the beginning.

I tried to put all the info once at the beginnig of the Update Animation and using a boolean blend for starting a new Play Animation Sequence, but is the same, allways from the beginning, not from the Start Position in the variable.

Thank you !!..

Solved… I doný know what was happening before, but I started from scratch. I didn´t use Anim Blueprint nor Montage, and from the Skeletal Mesh Actor Animation Data I could make it work fine…

Would you like to give more details about your solution? I might have met the same problem. My animation blueprint does not start from 0, just some random positions.

Hi fengkan, I selected directly the SkeletalMesh and also the Animation assets one by one… before I wanted to select one and use it as a locator for the other but it gave me problems… selecting each one in the blueprint worked fine…

The Start Position pin is only applied during initialization (and reinitialization) as noted in the tooltip documentation for it (and Begin Play / Initialize Animation appears to be too late). I’m not sure reinitialization can be done from event-graph Blueprint, but I believe the better way is to simply pause animations on your Skeletal Mesh for a random amount of time when your Pawn is constructed, as noted in this forum post:…at-random-time

My post in that thread details a bit more about what I’ve learned about “reinitialization”

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Great, thank you rezonant !!!..

Thanks to everyone contributing to this topic, I made it a bit forward and I managed to do what I wanted.
You should just use Initialize Animation in the AnimBlueprint and all of the initialization stuff works without a single hit.

Thank you everybody.