Animation Blueprint Not Active When Playing

Hi guys,

My project is in a halt right now because of this problem, please help:

I created a third person controller and imported custom animations. All animation are working fine.

Now, I created a NPC using an actor blueprint. Imported custom animations like above.

After finishing the setup, I can preview the animation at the viewport, but when I play the game, the NPC remains in a T-Pose. There is only one Animation which is idle.

The thing is, when I am not playing, and select the NPC, the setup is all correct on the details tab. Please see screenshot “norm”. As you can see the settings “Animation Mode” and “Animation Class” has the right blueprints.

But if I press play, and select the same NPC, this settings is changed to a different setting. Please see screenshot “error.” Animation mode is changed to “Use Animation Asset” and Animation Class changed to “Anim to Play” and is set to NONE…

Please help!