Animation Blueprint help!

i am trying to make it so when i press 1 it switches to the rifle what then swaps the animation set to the rifle animations i have it all working but once i switch to it once and go back i cant switch back to them im guessing it needs to have a loop or something to allow my character to switch to them constantly or i would need an event tick or something that is checking if it has changed im not sure so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.

i have a few screen shots of my code and hopefully you can see if i have got something wrong that i would need to fix i know its probably sloppy coding but as long as it gets what i need done then i guess its fine. i have put the screenshots in order from hands to allowing it to rifle to then rifle anims to allowing hands to hand anim

Have you tried to contact the place of purchase with this issue?