Animation Blueprint getting stuck on first frame of animation

I’m pretty new to Unreal here, so bear with me. I’ve just been learning from the other example games and what I’ve been able to find here until now, so yeah.

Basically I’ve gotten the animation blueprint to respond to a character_state enum, like what’s done in the Swing Ninja game and such to keep track of what the character is doing. But upon jumping, instead of going through the actual jumping animation, it just gets stuck repeating the very first frame.


I know this kind of blueprint isn’t ideal, but I’ve been trial and erroring at this for a while and just decided to set up what I had at the start again and ask for help instead.

This is the first time I’ve asked for help here, so let me know if I need to include anything else and the like.

In the preview panel, you can test your setup. Check Jumping to true and see where it’s stuck.
It depends on how your state is set up. Check state transition rules. See what happens when Jumping is true. And what makes them come out.



Thanks, but that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing trial and error for this for a while and haven’t been able to figure anything out. Maybe I’d have better luck if I just asked for someone to post a method of using an enum to do this kind of thing and learning from the example, cause everything I’ve done so far is based off of the way that Swing Ninja handles things, and I’m having trouble identifying what does what in that.