Animation Blueprint doesn't work (try get pawn owner return nothing)

I made an animation blueprint for a metahuman character, but the character is standing in a default pose. when I connect the “try get pawn owner” element to “print” it comes up empty.

I just put a character in the world and selected “Player 0”

Hi there,
You don’t have an animation blueprint assigned to the main mesh:

If you want to make your metahuman a playable character, is best to change its parent class to “character” in Class Settings Pane. Make sure to add a “set master pose” in the construction script so other meshes will follow the animation.

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Thank you, i will try it.

On the right panel, click on the arrow and a list will show up. Select your “buster animation blueprint” from the list, compile and save.

Parent class already replaced to “character”

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You don’t need to create an animation blueprint from scratch, unless you’re studying this topic, you can add the TPS template and start from there.
There is a good YT channel that shows the steps needed.

[NEW] MetaHuman ThirdPerson - In UnrealEngine 5 [UPDATED VERSION] - YouTube

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Use the “Get Player Pawn” instead of “Try to get player pawn”
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