Animation blueprint doesn't play the right animation

Hello everybody (and sorry if it’s the wrong section, but blueprint scripting seemed the best for that…).
I have a problem with my animation blueprint. I created one a while ago, where the player use a walk animation like he was scared for the normal walk, and then a run animation when the player press shift. I didn’t touch since today, when I noticed that the player wasn’t playing the scared walk animation, it’s like replaced by a normal walk. I checked in the animation blueprint, and the scared walk is sill there. I really don’t know how the animation could have change when I didn’t touch it… And just to see if it was the good blueprint, I changed the name of the blueprint I was using, changed the animation blueprint in my third person character to the one with the good name (it was “Thirdperson_animBP”, and I renamed it “Anim_joueur”), and it’s like there’s no animation at all, it’s in T pose, but when I open the animation blueprint, there’s all the animations… There was two animation blueprint called “Thirdperson_animBP”, even if there was only one in my animaion folder. And the second “ThirdPerson_animBP” is the one I have to use if I don’t want my character in T pose, but have the wrong walk. Help me, I’m drowning in my tears… And sorry if it’s not really understandable.
Here’s my state machine, so there’s the scared walk in the idlerun node (might change the name tho), and the run animation in the running one (what a surprise). And it’s the Anim_joueur BP

And here are the different animations I have, and just below, the character with the “ANim_joueur” animation, and you can notice a “Thirdperson_animBP” in the list, but it doesn’t exist in the list on the image above, and it’s the one that is animated, but with the wrong walk.

Thanks in advance for any help

Well, I fixed it… It was the wrong skeletal mesh x) I don’t know why, but I have three time the same skeletal mesh, but there’s only one that works…