Animation Blueprint Casting Object

As a continuation to this thread:

and going off of this thread (specifically the post by cyaoeu):

I am trying to figure out the proper object to reference while casting to my blueprint.

My setup is as follows:

BP-Wall-Round (Blueprint)

  • A Skeletal Mesh Component (SK-Wall-Round) with 2 morph targets: one named “X”, one named “Y”.
  • 2 Public Float Variables (Morph-X and Morph-Y) with the required math to set them appropriately.

ABP-Wall-Round (Animation Blueprint)

  • Configured as in the picture

What I am trying to ultimately achieve is the user dropping the blueprint in the level and changing some variable values that directly drive the morph targets.

If anyone knows a better way to go about this, please let me know.

I appreciate the help,


Well this is embarrassing…

Within 5 minutes of making this thread I figured it out…

Turns out, a “Get all Actors of Class” followed by a “ForEachLoop” can be used to target the Morph variables instead.

Uhh… thanks everyone.

Hope this can help out someone else in the future.

There should be Nodes “Get Owner” and “Get Owning Component”. the first will return the Actor that contains the Skeletal Mesh that uses the Animation Blueprint.
The latter returns the Component directly.

There is also a node “Try Get Pawn Owner” which should be used when using A Pawn.