Animation blueprint animation plays for everyone on dedicated server, help

So I have a pretty simple setup to pick up items, and there should be an animation played which uses blendspace to change between idle and run animations and this is played in the animBP where pickup variable is gotten from the player character, it works but when the animation plays, it won’t show on other clients and the client playing the animation sees it on every other player. Pickup variable is not replicated, and I’ve tried setting the variables on serverside…

Can’t really help you if you don’t show your Blueprints.

The simple solution is to run all the logic server-side and have the clients react to it.

The more advanced solution is to have the character that started the pickup do the animation right away while sending a RunOnServer RPC letting the Server know what you did. The server then verify it and replicates it or rejects it and corrects the player that already started the animation.

Oh right, sorry. Here are the images:

First one is of the player character BP, S1 sets the variable that animBP gets. ASD is replicated

ASD gotten from player, set to PickingUp in AnimBP

And simple transition if variable works.